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The Services Provided By DWAFM Are According To The Need That Presents Itself Internationally and Locally.


As a strong believer in strengthening unity in the body of Christ, Pastor Don makes himself available to contribute to healthy ministry development and growth.  Taking advantage of over 30 years of licensed ministry service and decades of experience in corporate America, he offers a well balanced perspective of effective ministry and outreach from a local to global level.  While developing an emphasis for ministry to the Philippines, he has furthered his missionary endeavors through social media.  For years, Don has nurtured and cultivated international relationships in Pakistan.  While serving as a missionary, he continues building relationships in various other countries (including Uganda, India, Southeast Asia, Spain, Italy and Mexico).  As ministry/mission invitations continue to unfold, Pastor Don will go as the Lord provides.

Preaching & Teaching

Pastor Don will gladly visit you and your group/congregation to equip you as members of the Body of Christ.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer a variety of workshops and seminars on diverse topics.  We also customize seminar and workshop subject matter according to your needs. 

Music Ministry

Realizing the need and benefits of praise and worship, Pastor Don embraces the opportunity to lead God's people into His Presence.

Ministry Development Consulting

Utilizing over 30 years in active ministry, Pastor Don accepts the opportunity to guide and/or stabilize ministries as they mature into God's plan for their use in His Kingdom.

Local Community

Active in local ministry and community events while meeting civic responsibilities.

Discipling Nations

Utilizing new and preexisting tools to reach the lost and renew faith within the body of Christ.

Touching Lives

The love of God cannot be overcome.


Call our Message Line at 1(800) 865-63GO or email us at for additional information, or for scheduling engagements and extending mission invitations.

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