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It's time to build the DWAFM Headquarters!

As we go into our 6th year of missions in the Philippines, it's time for me to prepare for a long term stay in the field.  The picture you see is a tentative site (in Taggat Norte, Claveria, Cagayan, PI) for building our headquarters.  Our headquarters will serve as a home for me as well as home for a building/property manager and his/her family.  Utilizing my hotel industry experience, it will also serve as a hostel for traveling missionaries and ministries within the Philippines and from other nations.  The reason for this facility is to provide extended ministry to the people on the island of Fuga where we do our annual medical mission and VBS outreach.   With American style facilities, it will also be a vehicle to encourage and support other missionaries and patrons that need to be introduced to the mission field in a somewhat controlled environment.  God has given me this vision and He is pulling our team of professional builders and architects together.  The design is in process.  It will be a modest facility that is designed to grow as the mission responsibilities evolve.  This facility will enable consistent ministry to island peoples and support evangelical outreach throughout the northern region of Luzon.  Financial needs will be posted soon with a dedicated account specifically for funding this major project.

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