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Current News Affecting DWAFM

Updates regarding how DWAFM is affected by current world news/events.

Me and my brother in Christ and fellow missionary, Dr. Gerardo Asia.  Dr. Asia is the primary physician for our Fuga medical mission.  He is a pastor at his local church in QuezonCity (Manila) in the Philippines.  Our team is composed of local Filipinos participating in various ministries in their country.

Coronavirus Concerns

February 11, 2020

As of February 1st, the Philippines has confirmed the death of a 44 year old Chinese man due to the new coronavirus, the first fatality from the growing outbreak to have died outside of China where the epidemic started.  Due to many unanswered questions regarding the epidemic/pandemic, travel to China is highly restricted.  This has a direct affect on the cost of my travel to the Philippines.  I am also attentive to how the virus is being addressed in the Philippines.  In the worst case scenario, I will delay my travel to the Philippines.  However, this should have no effect on my ability to send funding for known needs of the people.  Funding has already been sent to support a Christian fellowship organization that plays a vital role in strengthening the ministries of many existing Filipino churches and ministries.  I am hoping to provide food for at least one of the youth camps and to continue my plans of our medical mission to Fuga Island with Dr. Asia.

Members of our Fuga mission team canvas the villagers to inform them of the clinic offerings as well as the VBS activities to begin that same day.

We need your help to do the work.

February 11, 2020

In love, we do good deeds to open the door to share the gospel of God's greatest Gift.  We can't do it without your prayers and your financial support.

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Joy In Serving God

January 11, 2020

We always find joy in serving the Lord!

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